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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello guys, my name is Mook (yes, my real name, and it apparently means "pearl" in Thai... and "rat" in Arabic?), and I am an artist who illustrates original characters most of the time. The characters originate from a story that I have been working on for 2 or 3 years now, that I had initially planned to be small. I'd say it's progressed quite a bit...

I intend to produce more fanart, but I don't know why it's so difficult for me, even more so than illustrating original content. Perhaps I should watch more anime, or observe more things that I can admire, which others are also familiar with and could therefore make the illustration more appealing to a wider range of people than solely myself.

I struggle greatly in drawing cute/light-hearted things, because what an artist produces reflects what they are psychologically... constructed of. To some extent, at least. It's not that I don't know happiness, but I guess I'm more familiar with resentment...!

I'm Indonesian and I really love noodles! Also, you might notice that I use formal language most of the time, but sometimes I feel the need to simplify my words in order for others to understand me.
Despite my polite word choice, I'm a rather silly person and enjoy speaking of nearly everything! In private I dish out tons of spicy memes, you wouldn't even guess.

About my username, it had all started in 2011 in a Private Server of a certain game that I had played for a very long time. At the character naming phase, during character creation, I looked at the empty white bar and simply thought, "Why not FlamingDildo?". Other players later appeared to be rather fond of it, and I had then begun using the same alias in different places. Since then, the name FlamingDildo has somewhat stuck to me (alternatively, I name myself ThunderDildo). Dildos are, like, so chill. Unless they're flaming, of course (ayyyyy).

I'm aware my art might seem 'edgy' to some people, but I have no intention of displaying any great-ass attitude in which I hate everything/body or whatever. When I illustrate a character experiencing pain, murder, agony or other forms of suffering, I am merely expressing my rancor and immense indignation I unfortunately harbor towards many people.
Contrary to some assumptions that have arisen, I do not "draw edgy shit to look cool".

The things I draw often vary in theme very much. One day light-colored innocent stuff, and the other heavy mutilation and gore... so beware of that if you decide to Watch me...

And hey, I'd like for nobody to steal any of my creations (including my OCs; I exert much and careful thinking in their concepts).


If you'd like, you can also find me here:

Pixiv –… (though I have only just returned there and have nearly no posts at all)
(Please watch out; my Pixiv may host highly inappropriate content.)

YouTube:… (occasional speedpaints are posted there)


Requests: Depends. Ask me, perhaps.
Art trades: Sure if you don't mind my crappy art lmao
Commissions: Nah (I do not feel quite prepared for those yet).

My favorite type of characters are mature-looking women with half-closed eyes lmao (for those who may wonder why I draw those so frequently)



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Concept art of a character I'm drawing for somebody. They wanted me to give her a costume practical for battle, and well, that is exactly the kind of thing I love to draw! 

And did some... out-of-combat depiction of her tits too lol
The Day You Pay.
Not much to be said.

Perhaps that family are still people. You know, those things out there that hurt you left and right.

One's blood relation does not guarantee intrinsic friendship... or even respect, thereunder.
The game "Inside" by Playdead was on sale last week, and, wow, never have I evoked so much emotion towards or as a result from a game as I had with Inside. Particularly, I'm speaking of the water test subject who chases you, and you die if she comes too close, but... a bit later on in the game you drown and she grants you the power to breathe underwater, as well as control those zombie workers without requiring the telepathy helm.

So... then I realized, each time you die to her is only because she just wants to help, but accidentally chokes you in the process! Holy shit! I felt so bad for her, and, not gonna lie, I couldn't help but think dirty stuff each time she pulled me down into the water hoooo baebyh

But for real, absolutely amazing game. Unforgettable, in a positive sense.
Xindyr's expressions
My newest character. Since I wanted to familiarize myself with her appearance, I drew her in various different emotions! Hahaha, just like with Carmena, I could totally hear what she would say.

"Sounds grrreat!" "Hho wow!" "Not under my jurisdiction." "RHhgh!"

Although the 4th isn't really possible because she doesn't bleed...
Collaring Colored Collarbones
"Wow, that guy's pretty cute; he's got me totally HOOKED! Ha ha ha ha haaa!"

I've been wondering for nearly a year if/how tearing out collarbones with a meat hook would work. A friend of mine speculated that the hook would most likely pull out more than just the clavicles, as the pectoral muscles and other stuff are attached.

Ah, I kinda messed up the perspective on the outermost edge of its blade! Oh well, I guess its wielder is just twisting/pulling to the side really hard.
Fidget Spinners
Hakiro: "Hah, fuck you and your fidget spinner."
Tirzana: "NOOoOooooOoOOOooO"

But really, I suggest preventing everybody you know from getting one lmao
Nicotine suffocation
There was a man I once knew.

It was the type of guy I've heard my peers at the time describe him as a good person, although... I could never quite associate anything positive with this... parasite. For me, this wasn't a nice man at all, no, it was somebody... something that made me stop seeing people as people, and more as... animals. Animals no different than ones that engage in cannibalism, turn against those they're meant to care for.

One of many things was the way he'd daunt, perceiving, believing he had some form of superiority over me... enough for me to wish the worst of torture I'd have loved to inflict upon his pathetic being, for hours on end. This true desire to harm him, I clutched it, and it had become this... sadistic dream that I knew would never come true, and most definitely should not. Of course, at any age at all, people receive a momentary surge of a powerful emotion and believe it to last forever, only to forget about it once they've calmed down.

It had taken me years to realize that my time to calm down from this lividity cannot be until another few additional years to come. Probably. Hopefully. Despite myself not having seen this man in years, many times when I become angry about possibly anything, the first that comes to my mind are the countless ways I would break, tear, shred, and lacerate this guy apart. And Hell, the way people look at me in public, when I widely bare my teeth for seemingly no reason.
An OC of one of my most inspirational artists! They're on Pixiv, though, so sadly I cannot tag them here.
From Senran Kagura. I always thought, no way in Hell does that top perfectly cover her nipples like that, so I drew my own physically logical depiction! And of course, also because I like her breasts.



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