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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello guys, my name is Mook, and I am an artist who illustrates original characters most of the time. The characters originate from a story that I have been working on for 2 or 3 years now, that I had initially planned to be small... but as time passed and ideas came in, it's become an immense depiction and representation of my -forms rainbow- imagination! I very much seek to create mini-animations of the vehement battles, magic abilities, environments and disputes which it contains, but that'll come when I feel prepared for such productions hahahah

I try my best to make many of my illustrations very conceptual and representative, regarding the individuality of the original character(s) therein. More often than not, you'll probably see me trying to draw something really badass (which I always aim for!) but, also more often than not, failing to do so. There's, like, so many things I want to draw, but I simply lack the artistic experience! Such a bummer. Sometimes, I wish I could digitally copy what I'm thinking of in my mind hahah. What a gallery my DA page would hold.

I'm Indonesian and I really love noodles! Also, you might notice that I use formal language most of the time, but sometimes I feel the need to simplify my words in order for others to understand me.
I am a rather silly individual and like to speak of nearly everything, and I hope I don't annoy you with my vocabulary.

About my username, it had all started in 2011 in a Private Server of a certain game that I had played for a very long time. At the character naming phase, during character creation, I looked at the empty white bar and simply thought, "Why not FlamingDildo?". Other players later appeared to be rather fond of it, and I had then begun using the same alias in different places. Since then, the name FlamingDildo has somewhat stuck to me (alternatively, I name myself ThunderDildo). Dildos are, like, so chill. Unless they're flaming, of course (ayyyyy).

Recently, I've actually sort of tried to use references, but... only pose references that I view, and then try to remember while drawing. I used to hold back from references since it had come to surface a feeling of 'cheating' or whatever, but I guess it's kinda like an answer sheet; I try drawing something, and later look up a ref to see what its correct appearance is. (for those who have asked if I use references in my art)

If you'd like, you can also find me here:

Pixiv –… (though I have only just returned there and have nearly no posts at all)


Requests: Depends. Ask me, perhaps.
Art trades: Sure if you don't mind my crappy art lmao
Commissions: Nah (I do not feel quite prepared for those yet).

Some artists try to make their work give off an instant 'feeling', or atmosphere to the viewer... with me, the first thing I want people to feel from my art is badass-ery!


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    Donated Jan 18, 2017, 1:50:42 AM


Fractured Fate
"B-but the thing is... I used to hate blood!"

Poor Kurena would've never guessed she'd love exploding people a few years later.

I love reading feedback.
Girl about to enact some major ass whooping. Hhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhh-

Color practice.
Me when thinking of my weird character abilities at like 4 AM.

I liked the sketch more.
A user by the name of ItsMeMario had requested me to draw a picture of him! So I did. Kind of. Some trouble making the text on the hoodie look perfectly symmetrical, but ah, screw it.
Sentient Shadow
Focusing upon her necromantic strength, Purgel is able to reanimate her shadow into a living, heteronomous duplicate of herself, capable of mimicking all of her assaults, including Damnation Lustre (this bullshit move of hers during which she bombards her victim with black lightning for up to like 360 times, taking account of 39 shadows and Purgel herself striking 9 times each).

Yes, she could literally fuck herself.
Miku Laughing 

And comments appreciated thanks
Valentine's dinner
Happy Valentine's day. Initially wanted to draw a girl with a heart (the real organ) in her hand, but I thought, nah, let's finally draw something light-hearted for once. 

Did watercolor base colors on Paintschainer but it looked like dirt so I did the other 90% myself.
Witness TRUE strength!
I in't wanna tag this as mature; no organs or anything! But I had to be safe. t_t

And I love hearing feedback

Was tagged by :iconstingfang:


1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)

2. Write 13 things about yourself.

3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.

4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.

5. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".

6. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

7. Tag backs are allowed.

8. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

Wish: I wish for you to comment in the comments section what you like about my art =v=

(Please tag me so that I’ll get informed of your answers hahahaha)


13 things about myself:

1. Although I'm stoic, I experience emotions at extreme intensity! For example, I'd gain immense happiness from a positive comment on my art and can actually squeal with glee IRL, but, unfortunately, the same accounts for the opposite; I could want to nearly murder someone upon being confronted with an offensive statement. I would even disregard potential aftermaths and only care about that short moment of exerting my anger (sad face).

2. I prefer online interaction over its physical form, as people have feared me upon first sight in the past, and there exists no opportunity for me to speak with them! However, back when I still showed my face to people, online friends found my physical appearance to be very attractive, somehow (but only after they've already interacted with me)! Weird, isn't it?

3. I own a cat, but he's currently living at my grandma's since my brother is allergic to him! Oh, how I miss him so. I hope my brother can find his own residence sometime so that my cat may return.

4. I'm a huge sub but unfortunately I'm rather tall so my fantasies of a girl rubbing my head in bed might not be very likely to come out T_T

5. I have played Maplestory for 10 years and I still haven't killed certain bosses I've wanted to kill since like 2008. Fuck you, Pink Bean, I'm gonna solo you on Chaos difficulty one day.

6. I hate Nutella. Seriously overrated stuff right there. Same for Pocky sticks, Oreo cookies, and everything else that is glorified online beyond my comfort holy shit

7. Shrimp had been my favorite food until I fell ill with a certain sickness during which I had developed an allergy towards it! Aaaaah, I wish I could eat it again.

8. I remember the smallest compliment someone expresses to me! However, I also remember the tiniest mistakes others have made which affected me in some way.

9. Kurena is my favorite OC because I had given her precisely what I would've wanted if I were capable of magic; blood manipulation. Some guy about to shoot your head with a pump shotgun? Wooh, spooky! Prevent him from moving his arms in the first place before you explode every blood cell in his body!

10. A lot of my characters' abilities are referenced to powers I had seen in games I've played. However, not many people have actually pointed out the references!

11. I love women with thick thighs! That stigma of guys liking 'thigh gaps' is false; thicc thigh best thigh and all guys know this

12. Although it might not be directly apparent, I am quite the gore enthusiast. This is why I actually enjoyed Pupa (the anime)!

13. I tend to say things people do not believe at first unless I go into (perhaps uncomfortable) detail. Unfortunately, I sometimes go into detail without it being asked for!

:iconstingfang:'s questions for me:

1. What’s your nickname at home?
Uhh, I don't have one!

2. If you have a pet, what animal is your pet?
He's a cat of a racial breed I do not know of. My mother says he's Persian, but his mouth protrudes too much for that to be the case.

3. If you were an animal, what would you be?
I don't know, this question is making me feel like a furry -shivers-. Perhaps a lion? Highly relaxed when left alone to do their own thing, but perilously hostile when provoked.

4. What’s your favorite food?
Mediterranean cuisine (pasta and stuff)

5. Which do you like more, Digital art or Traditional art?
Digital when I'm at home, traditional when traveling to the country's northern side (only happens every month or so, and for 1-2 days)

6. What is the most embarrassing question asked to you by anyone (I don’t need to know about your answer to the question)
"How big is your dick?"

7. Are you a seme or an uke? (hahaha) (Note me of you want to lol)
I am unfamiliar with either of those terms.

8. Do you believe in ghosts?
I tend to assume the contrary of the more commonly-believed (or perhaps more preferably-believed, for some), so yes, I do believe in them. Although I'm very sure they'd appear to be entirely opposite of what they are made to seem like (hence my reason to think the opposite of what is mainly told).

9. How old are you?
18, though people tend to guess me to be a lot older (one had even thought I was 25)!

10. What turns you off about an artwork?
Ironically enough, things that are meant to turn people on (exposed cleavage, certain body parts emphasized to the extent of disproportionality, etc.).

11. What’s your favorite anime?
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu.

12. Can we be friends?
I don't know, aren't we already friends? LOL

13. (Sorry :( (Sad) ) What part of my art do you think I need the most improvement in?

Protrusion of clothing! Make them more loose and 'come off' the character, in the sense that they are actually a separate object coming from their body. Try looking at a kimono and see how far off the sleeves hang! ...Kind of weird since I need work on this kind of stuff as well...

My Questions:

1. What would your element and most powerful ability be, if you were capable of materializing magic spells?

2. Would you wear clothes that are strictly of the opposite gender? (such as a skirt and crop top for a guy, and a tuxedo with Italian leather shoes for a girl)

3. Do you enjoy your life as it is right now?

4. Are you involved in a romantic relationship with anyone (or do you perhaps seek to be)?

5. What's your favorite weapon (does not have to be a physical weapon (e.g., manipulation of lightning))?

6. Would you say I word my sentences in a fashion far too formal? If so, does it irritate you?

7. Belly or thighs? (I don't care if you might not be attracted to females!)

8. What do you believe is the most influential element of an artwork that determines its beauty (or how appealing/interesting it is)?

9. Ever wanted to kill anybody?

10. Do you think sea pollution should stop?

11. Who of all my OCs is/are your favorite(s)?

12. Would you set a dildo on fire if you ever find yourself being given such an opportunity?

13. What is your favorite soap scent?

People I'm tagging:









Ehh... that's enough. Ain't tagging anyone else, fuck the police

  • Listening to: my breath
A girl may look cute until she flings a 50-meter-large circular saw of blood at you! Or punches you with such force that the atmosphere fractures. Fortunately, Gadrianna is not angry very often...

But I was, because I was trying a new coloring style and things looked off all over! Also tried to use more line weight in this one. Should I continue with this way of coloring? Please tell me!
She dangerous. Don't cross these lands of snow without being adept in at least Frost, Flame, Corrosion, Lightning and Death magic. And that's only a rough estimate of the minimum!



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